Top 10 Cases Where Bollywood Superstars Made Huge Career Mistakes

    To err is human! No one is perfect. As human beings, we all make mistakes at various stages of our life and learn from them so that we don’t repeat them again. Just like all of us, our favourite Bollywood stars too make mistakes in life, in their careers and all because, at the end of the day, they are also human beings. But at times, some of their mistakes cost them so dearly that we cannot even imagine. Today, we will talk about top ten cases where Bollywood superstars made huge career mistakes and repented them later. Here we go...


    10AAMIR KHAN – MELA (2000)


    Today, Aamir Khan is known as Mr Perfectionist in Bollywood with most of his films turning out to be massive blockbusters at the box office. It is often said for him that he cannot choose a wrong script. In the rarest of rare cases, if his film does not have a good story, the superstar makes sure that he takes it to another level with his Midas touch. But if you ask me if Aamir always had this brilliant acumen, especially in terms of script selection, then, much to the astonishment of his fans, I will have to nod a NO. There are a number of instances where Khan chose wrong scripts, which sort of turned out to be suicidal for his career. His 2000 film ‘Mela’ tops the list of movies which gave a severe blow to the stardom of the actor, right in the beginning of the 21st century.

    Also starring Twinkle Khanna and Khan’s younger brother Faisal Khan in prominent roles, ‘Mela’ was directed by noted filmmaker Dharmesh Darshan, with whom Aamir had delivered one of his career’s most successful films ‘Raja Hindustani’ (1996). The film hit screens on 7th January 2000. Everyone had a lot of expectations simply because it starred Aamir Khan. However, film enthusiasts were taken aback when all critics unanimously panned the film and described Khan’s performance as one of his worst performances to date. No surprise that ‘Mela’ turned out to be the biggest flop of the year. Most of the film lovers still wonder what made Aamir Khan do that run-of-the-mill film. Many people still call it his most horrible mistake of his otherwise exceptional movie career. Not just people, Aamir Khan himself has once said that the movie was one of his biggest mistakes in his entire movie career.

    TAGS: According to Anil Kapoor and Rani Mukerji, Aamir Khan shudders and gets very upset every time someone mentions the film in front of him.



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