Top 10 One Hit Wonders Of Bollywood

    Getting an entry into movies is not easy. But suppose you somehow managed to get your first break and delivered a hit, maintaining your position in this fiercely competitive world is another difficult task. There have been a number of actors and actresses in Bollywood who created a storm with their first film and became overnight stars, but failed to continue their winning streak with their next projects and soon went into oblivion. Here we list down the top ten one hit wonders of Bollywood.



    ‘Love Story’, which marked the acting debut of Kumar Gaurav and Vijayta Pandit, released on 27th February, 1981 and turned out to be an instant hit at the box office. Kumar became an overnight sensation after the huge success of the movie. Girls pined for him and producers queued up in front of his house to sign him up for their film. The movie ran into theaters for a long period of time not only for its novel story, but also its great music and superlative performances of the debutants. While shooting for the movie, Kumar Gaurav and Vijayta Pandit got romantically involved. However, their relationship ended as the Pandit and Kumar families were against it.

    The exceptional success of ‘Love Story’ catapulted Kumar Gaurav, who was the son of veteran actor Rajendra Kumar, to the apogee of stardom. Bollywood was surprised to see the meteoric rise of a star with his first film only and cinema lovers across the country were glad to have found a new superstar. Everyone was confident that Kumar would very soon leave every other superstar of his generation far behind as he had everything that it took to become a superstar, good looks, charming personality and, most importantly, great acting skills. But despite having all the good qualities, his career slumped like a palace of cards as his follow-up movies bombed at the box office and soon he was out of the league. Though his appeared in a few successful movies, their success cannot be credited only to his because they were multi-starrers. Kumar played an important role in the Mahesh Bhatt directorial ‘Janam’ in (1985). His understated performance in this film is still considered his career’s best. Some of other notable films of his career include ‘Teri Kasam’ (1982), ‘Naam’ (1986) and ‘Kaante’ (2002) where he shared the screen space with his brother-in-law Sanjay Dutta.

    TRIVIA: Born on July 11, 1960, Kumar Gaurav’s original name is Manoj Tuli.




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