Top 10 Bollywood Actors Who Met With Accidents On Sets

    Being an actor is not all about glamour, glitz and glimmer. There are some other important aspects also which, more often than not, do not come forth and discussed. Do you know that how much blood, sweat and tears stars put in to make a film which could entertain all of us? Most of the times actors even bear serious injuries while shooting the film. Here we bring a list on top ten Bollywood actors who met with accidents on sets. Find out if your favorite star ever went through any serious injuries while shooting…



    Well, when you are popular as the Badshah of Bollywood and the biggest entertainer in the world, you can take any risk to deliver your best and maintain your stardom. Yeah, we are talking about none other than Shah Rukh Khan. The superstar, who has wowed us by delivering one blockbuster after another, never shies away from taking risks to give that perfect shot. In his career spanning across three decades, the actor has injured himself several times while shooting. Apart from being called the King of romance, SRK can also be called the King of Injuries, because there does not go a year when the megastar does not undergo ortho surgery for some part of the body or the other.

    After reading this you might think that why does SRK do action sequences on his own when he has liberty of getting them done with the help of body double? Well, it’s his indefatigable passion and dedication towards his craft. Due to his uncountable energy and insistence on doing all scenes himself, be it a simple one or a high octane action sequence, SRK has met with several serious accidents on sets. He has broken his knee, twisted ankle, arm and shoulder and also suffered with a slip disk many a times. Last time he injured himself very seriously was during the shoot of his home production film ‘Happy New Year’ (2014), directed by his friend Farah Khan. The actor got hurt on the shoulder that has been operated upon many times.

    But the most painful injury he got was during the shoot of Sushmita Sen’s ‘Dulha Mil Gaya’ in 2009 where SRK was seen in a guest appearance. The actor suffered a serious shoulder injury which took more than a month to heal properly. SRK was seen in a sling for a couple of months after the painful accident. The worst part was that despite him putting his sweat and blood in the film, ‘Dulha Mil Gaya’ bombed at the box office.

    TRIVIA: ‘Dulha Mil Gaya’ was the last film which saw former beauty queen and actress Sushmita Sen in a full-fledged role.




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