Actresses Who Turned Down Roles Opposite the Khans

    Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are three topmost superstars of Hindi cinema with whom every actress wants to share screen space. However, there have been instances more than once where some ladies of Bollywood refused to do a film with them. In our latest listicle, we list down those top then popular actresses who turned down roles opposite the Khans.



    Starring Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan in the lead role of a taxi driver/tourist guide, ‘Raja Hindustani’ was the biggest blockbuster film of 1996 in India. It set the box office on fire from the very first day of its release and turned out to be the third most commercially successful Bollywood film of the 1990s. Produced at a budget of Rs. 5.75 crores, the film pulled in a whooping Rs. 76.34 crores worldwide, a collection which was unheard of back in 90s. It is also remembered till date for its melodic compositions. The movie has gathered a huge following over the years and thus has been given the status of an all time blockbuster.

    The musical love story stars Karisma Kapoor as the leading lady. Karisma, who played the character of rich and sensitive Aarti Saigal in the movie, received huge compliments for her stunning looks and performance in the film. ‘Raja Hindustani’ is considered to be the best film of her entire career. It catapulted her to the league of top actresses in the 90s. She received her first Filmfare Award in the Best Actress in a leading role category. But do you know that the role which changes her career completely was first offered to Aishwarya Rai. Yes! Aishwarya was supposed to play Aarti, but she turned down the role because she was not much interested in a career in films at that point of time and was busy with her studies and modeling assignments.

    Not just her, but the same role was offered to Juhi Chawla also. Juhi did not accept the offer due to some personal issues with Aamir Khan. It was also reported in the media that Pooja Bhatt was almost ready to sign the film, but on Aamir Khan’s request, director Dharmesh Darshan had to look for some other actress as Aamir did not want to work with any actress he had worked with before.

    TRIVIA: Aamir Khan won the Best Actor Award at Filmfare, for the first time, after being nominated for eight consecutive best actor nominations.



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    3. This is all humbug. I’ve seen movies where some of these actresses worked with one of these Khan’s. This article is only stirring issues creating a doubt in ignorant people. Juhi Chawla worked with Shahrukh Khan. And they were an amazing pair in those movies, mostly comedy with both involved. This article is only showing their personal circumstances where they couldn’t act. Besides every artist likes to work with different actors in different movies. It’s a part of their career like nobody wants to work in same private company until death. This is an entertainment industry, don’t take things too serious with them

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