List Of Salman Khan’s 100 Crore Movies

    Over the last few years, joining the much publicized Rs. 100 crore club for a Hindi film seems to have become the new benchmark for success in Bollywood. Every actor, director and producer is leaving no stone unturned to breach this territory and claim big bounty at the ticket window, but only a very few have managed to break the barrier and enter the most sought after club. Though Aamir Khan was the founding father of Rs. 100 crore club with his revenge saga 'Gajini' creating waves at the box-office and becoming the first Hindi film to earn Rs. 100 crore, Salman Khan has been ruling the club since 2010. With 10 movies in the coveted club, he remains the undisputed Sultan of Bollywood. He is the only actor from the Hindi film industry who boats of the highest number of films in Rs. 100 crore club. Each and every film of his, which released after 2010, has successfully managed to make more than Rs. 100 crore and hence join the distinguished club with pride and honor. Here, we presents to you the list of Salman Khan's 100 crore movies which have broken and created a plethora of records at the box-office.


    11DABANGG (215 CRORE)

    Starring Salman Khan, Sonu Sood and debutant Sonakshi Sinha in prominent roles, ‘Dabangg’ released on September 10, 2010. When the makers rolled out the first trailer of the movie, people found it quite entertaining. The first reaction of the audience after watching the trailer was that the film had potential and that it would do well at the box-office. But hardly anyone had guessed it would turn out to be such a massive blockbuster, breaking all existing box-office records set by previous films of Salman Khan.

    The movie fearlessly continued to spin money at the box office for more than four weeks and minted Rs. 142 crore at the domestic box-office. In addition, the film made Rs. 73 crore from international markets. In total, the film pulled in Rs. 215 crore as its lifetime collection from India and overseas and was declared an all time blockbuster.

    Directed by Abhinav Kashyap and produced by Arbaaz Khan, the film turned out to be the best bet for everybody involved. It cemented Salman Khan’s position in the industry like never before, and also established newcomer Sonakshi Sinha’s career in Bollywood. Arbaaz Khan, who made his debut into film production with ‘Dabangg’, could not thank his star enough for the humongous success of the film. It was the first film of Salman Khan which entered the Rs. 100 crore club, after that there has been no looking for the star as he has been creating a new history of sort which each one of his film.

    TRIVIA: Late actor Om Puri was apparently not happy with the makers as his role was trimmed to a three scene cameo, originally his role was lengthier with more scenes with Salman.




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