10 Most Popular Reincarnation Films Of Bollywood

    Critics might pan them with all their heart and soul, but reincarnation or punar-janam movies have always found takers in multitude, provided they offer something really interesting and engaging to keep the audience hooked to their seats. Time and again, Bollywood has made an array of films revolving around the concept of rebirth. Some of them created an impact at the box-office, while others could not go beyond being ordinary. Here, we profile for your top ten most popular reincarnation films of Bollywood.


    10EK PAHELI LEELA (2015)

    Bollywood had been trying to pull off a reincarnation film for a long time, but nothing really worked until ‘Ek Paheli Leela’ arrived created some much-needed ripples at the box-office, and hence triggering smile on the withering faces of the fans who love watching films based on the said topic. Written and directed by Bobby Khan and produced by Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar, the movie starred India’s latest sensation Sunny Leone, along with a host of male actors like Rajneesh Duggal, Jay Bhanushali, Jas Arora, Mohit Ahlawat and Rahul Dev. Even in this men dominated affair, Sunny stood out quite remarkably and hogged the whole limelight.

    In majority of reincarnation films made earlier than this in Bollywood, we have generally seen one or two characters dying and then taking rebirth to fulfill their dreams they could not realize in their previous birth, but here in ‘Ek Paheli Leela’ almost the entire cast was reincarnated. The film had an average story, but its unpredictable climax made up for the nondescript plot. Brimming with the oomph quotient of sizzling Sunny Leone from start to finish along with bulging muscles of some heavily gym-toned men, the film attracted viewers to theaters like magnate and became an instant hit.

    Another important factor which made the film hot was its foot-tapping music. Composers like by Dr. Zeus, Amaal Mallik and Meet Bros Anjjan were taken onboard, and believe me, they delivered what was expected of them. The soundtrack featured a total of 9 songs. The numbers like ‘Desi Look’, ‘Glamorous Ankhiyaan’, ‘Khuda Bhi’ and ‘Saiyaan Superstar’ were lapped immediately by the listeners.

    TRIVIA: Sunny Leone’s husband was seen in a cameo role as a airplane pilot in the movie.




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